Explore StoreGrowth’s Top Modules

Discover a suite of powerful modules designed to transform your WooCommerce store. From boosting sales to enhancing customer experience, find the tools you need to optimize and grow your online business in no time!

Quick Cart

Simplify the shopping process with a streamlined cart view that allows customers to add and review items without leaving their current page.

Direct Checkout

Simplify the buying process and boost sales with one-click purchasing. Say goodbye to
abandoned carts!

Sales Notifications

Boost credibility by displaying real-time notifications of recent sales on your store. Encourage trust and urgency among visitors.

Upsell Bumps

Increase order values by offering relevant,
high-converting add-on products at the checkout. Encourage impulse purchases effortlessly.

Floating Notification Bar

Elevate your WooCommerce store’s performance with the Floating Bar. Captivate your audience and drive conversions like never before.

Free Shipping Bar

Attract customers with a prominent bar displaying how close they are to qualifying for free shipping, encouraging them to add more to their cart.

Sales Countdown

Create a sense of urgency by adding countdown
timers to product pages or promotions, motivating customers to make quicker buying decisions.

Stock Count Bar

Power-up your WooCommerce store’s performance with the Stock Bar. Keep customers informed about product availability and motivate them to buy now.

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