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Sales Countdown Timer

Create urgency and boost sales during campaigns with a flexible countdown timer that draws attention to your products.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout

Streamline the buying process by redirecting users straight to checkout, reducing abandoned carts, and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Fly Cart

Add a side cart for effortless item management and one-click fast checkout, providing real-time updates and customizable design.

Live Sales Popup Notification

Build trust and urgency with real-time sales alerts, complete with pre-made templates and customizable designs.

Checkout Upsell Order Bump

Maximize sales during checkout with targeted upsell opportunities, offering tempting additional products without interrupting progress.

Free Shipping Rules

Encourage higher cart values with a real-time progress bar and customizable free shipping offers.

Stock Count Progress Bar

Create a sense of urgency by visually representing available product stock, encouraging timely purchases.

Floating Notification Bar

Create FOMO with a highly customizable banner that displays the latest deals and discounts, with an action button targeting specific offers or products.

Quick view

Provide quick access to key product details through a lightbox popup from your shop page.


Create compelling BOGO offers with design customization, discount selection and time-scheduling capabilities.

Streamline buying with
Fly Cart

Add a customizable, real-time mini cart to your WooCommerce store for easy item management and accelerated checkout.

This side cart allows customers to swiftly add or remove items, view updated totals, and proceed to a fast one-page checkout with a single click.

Increase order values
with strategic checkout
Upsell Order Bumps

Add highly targeted one-click upsell opportunities during the checkout process to boost your average order value.

As customers proceed to checkout, perfectly timed order bump offers will appear, suggesting additional products that complement their purchase. Customers can simply click to add the upsell item without interrupting checkout.

Create instant FOMO with strategic Floating Notification Bar

Implement a customizable floating banner to boost conversions by promoting timely deals and discounts to customers. The notification bar can be positioned anywhere on targeted pages and styled to suit your brand.

Prominently displaying current discounts or deals can help maximize conversion rates from your traffic.

Build trust with real-time Sales Notification

Display recent purchase notifications to visitors in real-time, showcasing your products’ popularity and creating urgency to buy.

Whenever an order is completed, a customizable sales popup will appear prominently on your store, showing the customer’s name, location, product purchased, and other details you select.

Accelerate purchases with one-click Direct Checkout

The WooCommerce Direct Checkout feature lets you transform standard “Add to Cart” buttons into frictionless, one-click “Buy Now” buttons to help customers purchase faster.

This streamlines the buying process by sending customers straight to checkout when they click the “Buy Now” button, rather than forcing them to view the cart page first.

Drive urgency with sales Countdown Timers 

Create a sense of urgency and scarcity to promote time-sensitive deals and offers in your WooCommerce store.

You can add highly visible, customizable countdown timers to any product page, category page, or sitewide to highlight flash sales, limited-time specials, or other promotional events.

Encourage bigger orders with Free Shipping Rules

Create conditional free shipping offers in your WooCommerce store to encourage higher order values.

You can configure rules to offer free shipping if the cart/order exceeds a set threshold amount. A real-time progress bar on the cart page shows customers how close they are to unlocking free shipping.

Create scarcity with real-time Stock Level Trackers

Display a visible indicator of remaining product inventory to create urgency and prompt buying decisions.

A progress bar on the product page dynamically shows how low stock levels are in real-time. As inventory reduces, customers are motivated to purchase quickly before the product is out of stock.

Speed Up Product Discovery with Quick View

Give customers an engaging shortcut to explore products with a quick view. Customers can instantly pull up an item’s vital details like images, description and pricing through a lightbox popup.

This gives a smooth product discovery experience without disrupting their browsing flow on the shop page. When they’re ready to buy, adding to cart is just a click away. And, this is why Quick Views facilitate more impulse purchases by removing navigation barriers.

Drive Impulse Purchases with Irresistible BOGO Deals

Create compelling BOGO offers to drive sales in your store. Set up offers like Buy X Get X & Buy X Get Y in just a few clicks. You can choose the offer type, quantities, discounts and scheduling.

Grab your customers’ attention with custom BOGO offer boxes and badges on the shop page.  It is now easy for customers to add qualifying items to their cart and complete impulse purchases.

What Others Say About Us


Kishor (@kishorhasan)

StoreGrowth plugin made a noticeable difference in my WooCommerce store. It enhances the shopping experience for my customers, and I’ve seen positive reactions from them. The live sales notifications create a sense of trust, and the quick cart simplifies the checkout process. It’s a valuable addition to my WordPress site. Thanks to the Invizo team for this practical solution.


Saad Sharif Ahmed

"Used this on one of my ecommerce websites. The set up was pretty easy and implementation was smooth. Used specifically the Sales Countdown Timer and Free Shipping bar. To my astonishment I found that the engagement from potential customers had increased significantly. Would definitely recommend this to anyone and will personally use on other projects in future."


themenfoo (@themenfoo)

I am using StoreGrowth, and it’s a game-changer for my shop. It has essential features like Floating Cart, Direct Checkout, and Live Sales Notifications all in one plugin. This allowed me to deactivate all other similar plugins because StoreGrowth offers all these features combined. As a result, it has increased my site’s speed. The admin interface is nice and clean, and most of the features are unlocked and easy to use.


Ariful Islam (@arif757266)

Really Amazing Plugin. Thanks for make the plugin for specially Quick Cart, Direct Checkout & Sales Countdown

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