Installing StoreGrowth – Sales Booster Plugin

In the following documentation, we are going to show you how you can easily install the StoreGrowth – Sales Booster plugin on your WordPress site.

Let’s check out the following steps very carefully.

Prerequisites #

Note: Do make sure that you have successfully installed and activated WooCommerce in your WordPress Site’s admin panel.

Installing and Activating StoreGrowth – Sales Booster #

  • Log in to the admin panel of your WordPress site. And navigate to Plugins → Add New → StoreGrowth – Sales Booster. Click Install & Activate.

After you have successfully installed and activated WooCommerce & StoreGrowth – Sales Booster, it should look like the following:

StoreGrowth – Sales Booster has eight modules to use.

  1. Sales Countdown
  2. Direct Checkout
  3. Floating Bar
  4. Quick Cart
  5. Free Shipping Bar
  6. Sales Pop
  7. Stock Bar
  8. Upsell Order Bump

Boost your WooCommerce store sales effortlessly with StoreGrowth, enhancing customer experience and maximizing revenue.

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Updated on November 21, 2023
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