Activating & Deactivating Sales-Booster Modules

Navigation #

To access Modules, navigate to  Dashboard→ StoreGrowth→ Modules

Activating a Module

To activate a module, simply turn on the toggle button present on the top right side of each integration. When you turn on a module, it will Activate and look like this:

Similarly, you can Activate all modules by turning on the toggle button.

Deactivating a Module #

Similarly, to stop using a previously active module, turn it off by simply clicking on the toggle button. When you turn it off, it will deactivate.

Active Modules #

Here, if you turn on the toggle button on top of All Modules, which is marked by a red colored rectangle, you will see all active modules. Otherwise, you will see both activated and deactivated modules.

Suppose you have already activated Sales Countdown and Direct Checkout by turning on the Active Modules’s toggle button. Then you will see only these two modules here as they are activated, and they will look like this:

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Updated on November 21, 2023
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